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The Chapter 4 Voting is now OPEN 

The chapter receiving the most public votes will go into the final published book.

B142 - "HIDDEN"

In the aftermath of his Lordship's brutal attacks, Tiggy Carter sets the police after Katy, who hides away in a derelict cottage in the woods, until, that is, a young stable lad discovers her hiding place and decides to use the information to impress his Lordship's daughter. Is our unfortunate Katy going to be found and arrested for a crime she did not commit?   Read full chapter here....

The Artwork competition is also now OPEN

Winner will be used for the book cover


The story line has now been established through the winning chapters so far - so the competition is now open for Artists to submit their work to be used for the book cover.

All eligible artwork will be published on the Chapter Chain website, where public votes will be invited.

Voting for artwork will continue throughout the whole competition until the closing date for the final chapter.