ANYONE can become a published author by writing just ONE CHAPTER.  With the public voting for each winning chapter there could be 12 different authors in one book.

All Chapter ONE entries started with: "As s/he walked tentatively down each step..."

            STEP 1:   Writers were invited to submit their version of Chapter ONE 

            STEP 2:   The chapter receiving the most public votes became Chapter 1 of the book

            STEP 3:   Writers were then invited to submit their version of Chapter TWO following the
                           theme of the 
Winning Chapter ONE and again the chapter receiving the most public votes
                           became Chapter TWO of the book  

            ... and so the process is repeated until the book is complete....

            STEP 4:   Authors of winning chapters will be credited in the foreword and willreceive a percentage of profit 


Letting the reader know what type of story it is, i.e. murder mystery, personal development, a ghost story, a journey etc

Chapter 1 has introduced some of the main characters and has set the scene for the start of the main part of the story. In Chapter 2 writers would ideally address the following …

1. The attack/major event of the first chapter. It should detail the event that starts the story of the book;

2. The main character’s initial reaction and response to the event – this might involve some significant change in the character’s life/behaviour and may even hint at reluctance to get involved or an excitement at being involved;

3. It should also introduce or highlight the main character’s helper (in a good book hero/villains seldom work alone);

4. It should also include hooks (snippets of information that prove to be important later in the story);

5. It should also give hints of where the story might go further on in the novel.

BUT – Always bear in mind what makes this quest so unique – it is a multi-writer story.

For this quest to be a success, your chapter should never restrict the imagination of future writers by dictating where the story must go. Instead, it should offer others an opportunity to take the story somewhere you never thought about. After all, it’s the unpredictability of the story that makes this quest so exciting for everyone taking part.

At the Chapter Chain we do not want to risk stemming the flow of an authors imagination, so we are suggesting the ideal size of the novel, number of chapters and number of words per chapter but this is a guide only to help those who may not be used to writing, and it is not a strict rule.
Competition entries will not be penalised for falling outside the following guidance/ suggestions: 

Total Novel :  min 36,000 words
No. of Chapters:  12-15
No. Words per Chapter:  circa 3000 


So here we go - the story line has now been established

Read the first two chapters here and get your pencils to the ready and start thinking up ideas for the book cover. 

The competition is now open for Artists to submit their work to be used for the book cover.

All eligible artwork will be published on the Chapter Chain website, where public votes will be invited.

Voting for artwork will continue throughout the whole competition until the closing date for the final chapter.

In line with Chapter winners, the winning Artist will be credited in the Foreword and will receive a percentage of the net profit from the book. 

The winning artwork will be revealed at the Chapter Chain Book Launch Event, when the Artist who's artwork received the most public votes will also win the Winning Artist Award.  Winning artists do not have to attend the event to receive their award.

Watch this space for details of the Chapter Chain Book Launch Event
AND to find out which celebrity will be presenting the awards.

So what are you waiting for?  

Join in the Chapter Chain and let's make this the most exciting journey ever...